Storm downs trees

Photo by Steve MacDonald/Boston Fire Department

Firefighters pose with a tree knocked down by tropical storm Irene on Aug. 28 in the St. Rose Street Community Garden at 34 St. Rose St. Photo by Steve MacDonald/Boston Fire Department.


Tropical storm Irene downed trees around Jamaica Plain on Aug. 28 as the former hurricane blew through town with winds up to 65 mph.

The ever-weakening storm was significantly less powerful than major media outlets were reporting hours before its arrival. But its strong gusts were still enough to uproot trees, some of which fell across sidewalks, streets and parked vehicles. Large tree falls were reported at Jamaica Pond Park; at Franklin Park; in Flaherty Playground in Brookside; and across St. Rose Street in the South Street area.

As of Aug. 30, there were 44 reports of “tree emergencies” in JP, according to Mayor’s Office spokesperson Christopher Loh. “Tree emergencies” include anything tree-related that someone calls in to the City, including fallen branches. Citywide, there were 591 tree emergency reports, he said.

Over 100 households in the Winchester Terrace area in Jamaica Hills were still without power due to the storm, but were expected to have service restored soon, Loh said.



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