Hennigan School is aired out, opens

The Hennigan School opened today as planned after being aired out over the weekend amid concerns of paint fumes.

The school at 100 Heath St. underwent a troublesome paint job. Boston Public Schools (BPS) delayed the school opening from Sept. 8 after discovering toxic chemicals in old paint that was being removed, as the Gazette previously reported.

Then last week, Boston Teachers Union (BTU) officials claimed to suffer headaches due to fumes from the new paint while visiting teachers over paint-related health concerns there, as the Gazette reported.

BTU officials previously told the Gazette that the school’s opening should be delayed further. But over the weekend, BPS aired out the building with fans and opened it today, according to spokesperson Matt Wilder.

BTU officials previously told the Gazette that no teachers in the school had complained about the fumes, and Wilder said BPS didn’t hear any concerns, either.

But BTU President Richard Stutman today told the Gazette that “half a dozen people [in the school] complained.”

“No one reported anything to the principal,” said Wilder.

Stutman said the school is now as clean as he’s ever seen it. “We’re glad the school department took our concerns seriously” and aired out the building, Stutman said.

He added that BTU is awaiting “final reports” on the building’s health from the Boston Public Health Commission.

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