Councilors push for drug drop-offs

Local City Councilor Matt O’Malley and Councilor Rob Consalvo are calling for a year-round program to let residents drop off unwanted prescription drugs.

The city and other agencies currently hold occasional drug drop-off days at a few locations.

Some type of prescription drug recycling may be on the table as well. Consalvo has been working on that issue for several years, according to his website,

Prescription drugs poured down drains may harm the environment, according to the state Department of Environmental Protection. And prescription drugs are often abused, according to the federal government.

O’Malley, chair of the council’s Committee on Environment & Health, held a hearing on the issue last month. Expanded drug drop-off was supported by Boston Public Health Commission officials. Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Moshe Alamaro testified on his proposal to recycle prescription drugs.

Another public hearing will be scheduled.

From press materials.

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