Editorial: Just vote

We’re not going to tell you who to vote for on Nov. 8. We’re just going to tell you to vote.

Voters don’t have much trouble figuring out whom to support. The real challenge is getting them in a voting booth in the first place. Philosophers spilled ink, and warriors spilled blood, to establish our right to vote. But most of us will waive that right on Election Day, which is the first step toward losing it altogether.

If you feel too ignorant to vote, it’s easy to educate yourself with Google or this very newspaper. If you think you’re transcending politics by not voting on principle, you’ll find that casting a blank ballot sends a stronger message.

If you think that voting doesn’t matter, you should peek behind the curtain and see who really decides what your street, schools or property tax bill look like. In part, it’s the City Council you—or someone else—will elect on Nov. 8.

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