Developer picked for green project

Boston-based GFC Development has been selected by the City of Boston to develop a lot at 64 Catherine St. as part of the city’s E+ Green Building Program.

GFC, which his working with Utile Architecture and Planning, will build two “net energy-positive” townhouses—that would produce slightly more energy than they use—on the site. They will use a super-thick and air-tight insulation to minimize heating and cooling costs, and harness solar energy to cover the houses’ minimal energy and hot-water heating needs, GFC head Charles Aggouras told the Gazette.

The project will be GFC’s first effort to build an energy-positive home, Aggouras said. GFC got the land in a competitive bidding process run by the city Department of Neighborhood Development and Boston Redevelopment Authority. The criteria the city set up for bidding required that the designs be energy-positive, John Dalzell from the BRA told the Gazette.

“The coolest thing about this is that just the act of developing the proposals was a very educational and useful process for these firms,” he said.

In addition to the Catherine Street lot, two lots in the Highland Park area of Roxbury are being developed under the E+ program.

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