Letter: Give us a bridge, not pavement

At the most recent meeting about redesigning the Casey Overpass, I found the consultants’ presentation strongly skewed against a bridge. Their bridge mock-ups were singularly ugly and their language clearly favored the no-bridge option. I would like to register an opinion in favor of a bridge for the following reasons:

Getting through-traffic off the ground keeps what’s happening on the ground level local. It promotes friendliness, access and easy interchange at the ground and smooth pass-through above.

A bridge would cut down on acres of pavement (a much more daunting barrier than a through-traffic bridge).

Who says the bridge needs to be ugly? Although consultants and designers say a beautiful bridge costs more money, hey, this is JP. With creativity, we can have a bridge that’s both beautiful and within budget.

Let’s keep the bridge option open.

Pam Kristan

Jamaica Plain

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