How should park spend $250K?

How would you spend a quarter-million dollars on the Southwest Corridor Park?

The park is getting $250,000 from a Back Bay real estate development and the Parkland Management Advisory Committee (PMAC) is asking that question of residents—including at a Feb. 1 meeting in Jamaica Plain.

The 5-mile linear state park runs along the Orange Line between JP’s Forest Hills T Station and downtown Boston. PMAC is an organization that advises the state about the park.

PMAC’s fundraising wing, the Southwest Corridor Park Conservancy, will receive the one-time grant from Simon Property Group as mitigation for its upcoming Copley Place tower project alongside the Back Bay/South End stretch of the park, according to PMAC President Janet Hunkel. Simon Property confirmed the deal. There is no exact timeline for the money to be delivered, but the Copley Place project is moving forward quickly.

The money could go a long way in the frequently under-funded park. The Feb. 1 meeting will be held at JP’s E-13 Police Station.

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