JPCC Basketball League Standings

(Courtesy Photo) Coach Rasheem Cope instructs his team during a timeout in recent JPCC Basketball League action.

The following are the Jamaica Plain Community Centers  Basketball League standings for the week of Jan. 10. The league plays on Saturdays at the Curtis Hall Community Center, which is part of Boston Centers for Youth & Families.

Junior Division Standings

Thunder 3 1
Heat 3 1
Celtics 1 3
Nets 1 3

Junior Division Scores (1/7)
Nets 16, Celtics 13
Heat 10, Thunder 6
Junior Player of the Week: Omar Silas (Heat)

Senior Division Standings

Pistons 4 0
Spurs 2 2
Rockets 1 3
Suns 1 3

Senior Division Scores (1/7)
Spurs 30, Rockets 18
Pistons 46, Suns 33
Senior Player of the Week: Robert Kendrick (Rockets)

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