JP jaunts for last-minute Valentines

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching and fancy restaurant reservations disappearing just as quickly, the Gazette came up with a few ideas for the holiday.

For the romantics:

Pack a decadent picnic full of fancy cheese and wonderful wine. Enjoy it indoors, in front of a roaring fire.

Where to go: City Feed for cheese, meats and other delicacies; 672 Centre St, 617-524-1700. Harvest Co-Op for cheese, crackers and wine: 57 South St., 617-524-1667.

For the singles:

Rent a favorite buddy road trip movie and visit some pubs to celebrate tomorrow’s potential.

Where to go: Video Underground for the movie, 385 Centre St., 617-522-4949. Brendan Behan for the first round, 378 Centre St., 617-522-5386. The Haven for the second round, 2 Perkins St., 617-524-2836.

For the deeply committed:

Get matching tattoos at Fat Ram’s Pumpkin Tattoo. Minimum cost for each tattoo is $80 and appointments are strongly recommended, though walk-ins might be accommodated.

Where to go: Fat Ram’s Pumpkin Tattoo, 374 Centre St., 617-522-6444. CVS for after-care products, 467 Centre St., 617-522-8062.

For the gourmands:

Finally master that hollandaise sauce and egg-poaching to make eggs Benedict for breakfast in bed.

Where to go: Kitchenwitch for egg poacher-cups, whisks and good-looking plates to serve it all on, 671 Centre St., 617-524-6800. Whole Foods for the edibles, 413 Centre St., 617-553-5400.

For the laid-back:

Ice skating, a brewery tour and a meal. Kelly Rink is free to use ($2 skate rentals) and is steps away from the Brewery Complex, which includes the Sam Adams brewery’s free tours and nearby food choices.

Where to go: Kelly Rink, open pending the weather, 1 Marbury Terrace, 617-727-7000. Brewery Complex, 284 Amory St.: Ula Café for sandwiches and a warm drink, 617-524-7890. Milky Way for an after-beer meal, 617-524-6060. Sam Adams Brewery, 617-368-5080. Doyle’s, for a party bus ride, free Sam Adams glass and food, 3484 Washington St., 617-524-2345.

For the hungry:

A restaurant tour of both sides of JP—keep it simple and stress-free. Remember to order small.

Where to go: Tacos El Charo for tacos el pastor and quesadillas, 349 Centre St., 617-983-9275. Star Fish Market for fried fish sandwiches, 3089 Washington St., 617-524-8711. El Oriental de Cuba for croquetas, fresh Cuban bread and maduros, 461 Centre St., 617-524-6464.

For the traditionalists:

Flowers, chocolate and a puppy. The MSPCA sells flowers and chocolates to benefit needy homeless pets. If you really want to impress, volunteer some time for pets who needs a home.

Where to go: MSPCA Angell for professionally-arranged flowers, gourmet chocolates and sweet puppy love, 350 S. Huntington Ave., 617-522-7400.

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