Editorial: Community policing

A few months ago, the South Street area was hit with a string of disturbing burglaries. The local E-13 Police Station responded by hosting a community meeting and parking a patrol car in the area to squash the crimes. It worked. Now the criminals are back—and so are the cops to tamp them down again.

The police are giving various parts of JP that kind of attention all the time. And yet, it seems like there is never a shortage of officers on general patrol. You see police cars everywhere, all the time, in JP. This, despite the fact that the Boston Police Department is hardly rolling in resources. It’s a heck of a magic trick.

JP still has its hotspots of ugly crime and the battle is never totally won. But JP’s policing is so good, we can easily take it for granted. The E-13 police officers are a major reason we live in a remarkably safe neighborhood in a remarkably safe city.

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