Letter: In support of a skate park

I’m writing in support of the improvised skate park in the old roller hockey rink on the Southwest Corridor (“Skate park may be coming to SWCP,” Feb. 17). It’s disappointing that neighbors complained to the Department of Conservation and Recreation about the “debris” and had it removed. The kids who were constructing that park were exercising creative thinking and problem-solving and were engaged in healthy physical activity. It’s hard for me to imagine how their supplies bothered anyone. The ramps and cinder blocks were contained and clearly being used intentionally. Additionally, they seemed like nice guys. My 4-year-old and I were there in January, and they accommodated us by leaving space for my son to slide down the snow into the rink. They actually seem like just the kind of community members JP wants—engaged in making space nicer and more usable, and kind to others. I’d love to support them in getting their supplies back and in moving toward a permanent skate park.

Sarae Pacetta, Jamaica Plain

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