Editorial: The other Casey decisions

The state has made its decision about the Casey Overpass replacement project, and we believe it is the right one.

But more important is that the state keep making the right decisions as the planning and construction move forward. The community’s many activists must remain involved to ensure that happens.

The obvious next challenge is to plan the nitty-gritty details of the new surface streets. But there also will be detours, demolition plans, construction schedules. There will be special reviews of altering the Arborway, a historic state parkway. We believe there should be discussion about how to continue memorializing Monsignor William J. Casey, as JP residents saw fit to do with the overpass 60 years ago.

The Casey Overpass—or shall we now say Casey intersection—work has just begun. We still need all of JP’s powerful skepticism and inspiration to see it through.

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