Letter: Looking forward to homeless facility neighbors

I have lived on Iffley Road for three years, directly across the street from the proposed Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program facility at 461 Walnut Ave. I love my neighborhood. It has economic and cultural diversity, and my neighbors are caring, thoughtful and engaged. We warn each other about street-cleaning, and chat about sports, gardening and, most recently, about the upcoming birth of my first child. The neighborhood kids are sweet and curious, wanting to know what is on the barbecue, what kind of flowers I am growing, and if they can pat the household pets.

I look forward to meeting my new neighbors across the street. I am proud that my neighborhood is going to be home to 20 people who would otherwise be homeless. I am encouraged that my new neighbors will have a chance at better health because of permanent housing. I know that they will love this neighborhood just as much as my family does and I am eager to welcome them.

Julie Mumford

Jamaica Plain

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