Occupy JP continues with fewer members

Occupy JP, the local version of the Occupy protest movement, plans to join a St. Patrick’s Day Peace Parade this week, but is facing “dwindling” participation in its meetings, according to its website.

“Do we want to continue Occupy JP?” was a question raised at a Feb. 5 meeting, according to minutes posted at occupyjp.org. “We need a focus that works.”

A group spokesperson could not be reached for comment.

Occupy JP debuted in December with two protest marches on Centre Street. Since then, its public activities have largely consisted of joining in other organization’s events, such the recent MBTA budget cuts meetings. That activity continues with the Peace Parade in South Boston on Sunday and possible participation in downtown income tax protests next month.

The Occupy JP website says the group has talked with Mass Occupy, which is an attempt to form an umbrella organization for various Occupy movements.

The Occupy movement began in September with New York City’s Occupy Wall Street, a protest against economic inequality and corporate abuses. Occupy Boston was a prominent protest inspired by the original. Occupy JP is one attempt to keep the movement going by rooting in neighborhood issues rather than an actual “occupation” camp.

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