DCR may manage completed Casey Arborway

FOREST HILLS—Shea Circle, along with the rest of the new Casey Arborway, will likely return to Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) oversight and maintenance after the current project’s construction is over, the Gazette has learned.

“There’s a very small, slim, minute possibility” that the new Casey Arborway will not return to DCR control, Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) spokesperson Michael Verseckes told the Gazette.

MassDOT is currently responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of Shea Circle. Several streetlights are currently out and there is at least one street sign falling off its mount.

It is common procedure for MassDOT to take control of bridges that need construction from DCR, Verseckes said, “if it is the most efficient, most effective, most convenient way.”

The Casey Overpass and its eastern terminus, Shea Circle, were taken on by MassDOT in 2009, along with a collection of other DCR-controlled bridges.

This move was timed to follow a massive state-wide transportation restructuring and acquisition of federal funds meant to be used on substandard bridges.

MassDOT must inspect every bridge in the state at least once every two years and frequently more often. The agency was aware that the Casey would need some kind of work, but it took the agency over a year to develop a plan and process for the project.

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