Resident begins anti-litter campaign

PONDSIDE—When Kolya Lynne Smith moved to Pond Street from West Roxbury last fall, she was disgusted by the litter piling up on the sidewalks.

Now she has adopted the street, giving it a weekly cleaning herself, and aims to form a group called Jamaica Plain Ecology Advocacy to spread the anti-litter crusade.

“I am very happy to be living in JP and I love this community,” said Smith in a phone interview, explaining her desire to keep it clean.

A resident of the M.M. Collins Apartments housing development, Smith gives a weekly cleaning to Pond between Centre Street and the Jamaicaway—a main gateway to Jamaica Pond Park. The food wrappers, coffee cups and cigarette butts from thoughtless passers-by stack up again each week, she said.

She hopes to inspire more people to do similar cleanups, and possibly other environmental efforts. She kept the name of her prospective group open so that its mission can be flexible.

Litter is a well-known Boston issue, and Smith said that her former neighborhood of West Roxbury was no cleaner than JP.

For more information on Smith’s campaign, see her group’s Facebook page.

The City of Boston will hold its annual Boston Shines neighborhood cleanups on Sat., April 28. For information on that event, see

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