Letter: Don’t mock luxury residents-to-be

I found your April 13 editorial (“S. Huntington luxuries) on the impending cuts to the Green Line insulting to the nth degree.

Instead of discussing the ramifications of the proposed MBTA service cuts and how these could negatively impact our community, and perhaps even offering your readers a cogent solution to this dilemma, your first impulse is to lash out at the hypothetical future residents of the roughly 400 apartment units planned for the S. Huntington Avenue area.

Speaking from past experience, one’s ability to rent an apartment at an inflated market rate does not necessarily mean that individual has unlimited financial resources. Who are you to assume these individuals are the insensitive louts you’re making them out to be? Why not save your vitriol for the apartment developers, or our very own mayor, for that matter?

Instead of mocking the future residents of these potential apartment complexes, you’d best be reminded these very-same individuals will also be your neighbors. They may also become loyal readers of this very same newspaper. They may very well be patronizing the very same businesses currently advertising in your publication.

If you ask me, a little respect for your new readers is in order. Your paper’s bottom line depends on them.

Steven Tamasy

Jamaica Plain

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