Changes coming to Route 32 bus

The MBTA presented a plan that would cut 17 stops from the Route 32 bus, and alter, move and add other stops. The Route 32 bus runs from the Forest Hills T station down Hyde Park Avenue in JP.

The plan, which was discussed during a community meeting May 1 at the Woodbourne Apartments, is part of the MBTA’s Key Bus Route Improvement Program.

“What the T is trying to do is upgrade the overall quality of the bus routes,” said Ralph DeNisco, a senior associate at Nelson Nygaard, the contract company working on the Route 32 bus.

About 18 people, many from the Woodbourne Apartments, attended the meeting. Many attendees were receptive to the MBTA’s plan, and were especially interested in the stops in front of the Woodbourne Apartments.

The MBTA plan would move the Southbourne Road inbound stop from before to after the street, situating it right in front of the Woodbourne Apartments.

“It’s closer to your front door,” said DeNisco. “You won’t have to cross a street.”

He also said a shelter might be added, but the MBTA would have to talk to the owner of the Woodbourne Apartments because a portion of it would be on the property.

The outbound stop across the street would be bumped back behind a crosswalk and would remove three curbside parking spots.

Attendees liked the plan, but Mary Leach, a resident at Woodbourne Apartments, did request that the outbound stop be announced on buses as Southbourne Road in addition to Dellmore Road. DeNisco said that he would talk to the MBTA about the matter.

DeNisco said that there are several more community meetings to discuss the plan, but expects to come back with a more concrete proposal in six to eight weeks.


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