JPNC denies Whole Foods seating license

The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council (JPNC) narrowly voted to deny Whole Foods a license to set up inside and outside seating during its meeting April 24.

The council’s vote is not binding on Whole Foods Market’s effort to add 38 seats—22 inside and 16 outside—to its 413 Centre St. location. The company can still seek to obtain the license from the City.

“This is a use they said they weren’t that interested in getting and here they are now going for it,” said Edward Burrows, a council member, who expressed concerns that Whole Foods hadn’t met with enough local businesses about the impact of its plan.

Michael Reiskind, chair of the JPNC’s Public Service Committee, said he felt that the council should not vote on the matter because his subcommittee voted 4-4 on the issue.

“I think we should take no action,” he said.

The council disregarded Reiskind’s advice and voted 8-7 to deny the license.

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