Brookley Road owners owe $7,000 in taxes

The City of Boston filed a lien against the owners of 101 Brookley Road for over $7,000 in unpaid property taxes in December.

The lien could result in the eventual foreclosure of the property, possibly as soon as next month.

“We move to foreclose on a property only after we have exhausted all other means of collecting the tax,” City Collector of Taxes Meredith Weenick said.

The site is owned by a limited liability corporation, Planet Street LLC, based at the large Boston real estate firm the Mayo Group.

“I don’t have any information about any unpaid taxes,” said Mayo Group spokesperson Heather Logritto.

The large lot at the end of Brookley Road has been vacant since 2006 after the demolition of a nursing home. A plan for building condos on the property has been stalled for several years.

“There has been no movement or any decisions” for further development, Logritto said. “There is the desire to develop eventually, but no current plan.”

Logritto works for an external public relations agency and said she does not have access to the Mayo Group’s financial information.

“I don’t have any knowledge about any of that,” she said.

The Mayo Group bought the property in 2002. The original project proposed for the site took two years to develop with community input and called for 29 condo units in 16 townhouse-style buildings with built-in garages.

In 2006, a long-standing nursing home was demolished. In early 2008, however, the developers expanded the project to 50 units, to the surprise of the neighborhood, as the Gazette reported at the time.

Because of the subsequent economic downturn, however, the property has been vacant and fenced in since 2006.

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