South Street Apartments receiving upgrade

The majority of units at the South Street Apartments are undergoing kitchen renovations, while all of the 131 units will receive new bathroom exhaust fans, according to Lydia Agro, director of communications for the Boston Housing Authority (BHA).

The kitchen renovations, which impact 88 units, typically include new cabinetry, lightning, appliances, repairs to the wall between the kitchen and bathroom and new flooring, said Agro. The renovations and the new bathroom fans are expected to cost about $1 million and are to be paid by the state Department of Housing and Community Development.

The residents at the apartments, which are located 125 South St. and are public housing, may either continue residing in the units during the construction or opt to live in other accommodations provided by BHA, said Agro.

Construction started May 7 and is slated to be done by early August.

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