Vacant lot draws fines

(Gazette Photo by Rebeca Oliveira) The collapsed fence at 101 Brookley Road revealed car parts, broken furniture and other refuse on the property during a Gazette visit on June 14.

STONYBROOK—A controversial property at 101 Brookley Road is garnering fines over its unkempt state.

Since October, the city’s Inspectional Services Department (ISD) has cited the owner eight times for improper trash storage and overgrown weeds. Six of those fines, ranging from $25 to $65, have been issued since April. They remain unpaid, according to ISD.

The site is owned by a limited liability corporation, Planet Street LLC, based at the large Boston real estate firm Mayo Group. Mayo Group spokesperson Heather Logritto did not return a Gazette phone call.

Part of the fence around the property has collapsed and there are large pieces of debris on site, including a truck cab and parts of furniture.

Neighbor Allan Ihrer told the Gazette that garbage dumping continues on the site.

A Forest Hills Street resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said that about six weeks ago someone appeared to be surveying the property. That resident also said that people have been urinating on site and that homeless people have been visiting the property.

The large lot at the end of Brookley Road has been vacant since 2006 after the demolition of a nursing home. A plan for building condos on the property has been stalled for several years.

“There has been no movement or any decisions” for further development, Logritto previously told the Gazette. “There is the desire to develop eventually, but no current plan.”

The City of Boston also has filed a lien against the owners for over $7,000 in unpaid property taxes. The lien could result in the eventual foreclosure of the property.

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