Puerto Rican Pride

August 3, 2012

(Photo by Courtney Sacco) Dancers brighten Columbus Avenue during the Puerto Rican Festival parade on July 28. The festival at Franklin Park followed on July 29.

  • Aderson Gonzalez

    The Puerto Rican parade has become a disgrace. I’m Pertorican and I do not attend because it’s really not Puertorican. Local merchants who have their kiosk are from other countries selling over priced foods that are not staple dishes from Puerto Rico. I know, I know I don’t have to eat it or buy it but I would really like to find foods from our ancestors used to feed us. Also they bring talent from other countries and hardly from Puerto Rico, how come? This year I read the closing talent was a woman I have never even heard of. To each his own, I refuse to attend, let others have their fun, I rather stay home.