Editorial: JP diversity

A study has found that JP friendships are unusually diverse in terms of political, religious and social attitudes. That’s a sign of more than token respect for individual differences, and that’s a great thing for any neighborhood and any relationship.

JP prides itself on diversity. In some ways, the local definition of diversity is not very diverse. It relies on the liberal ideal of multiculturalism, and can leave Republicans and conservatives out in the cold.

But in many ways, JP walks the walk on diversity. Our youth sports teams are probably among the most diverse such groups in the country. We have demanded a diversity in our Main Street businesses that have prevented the strip-mall monoculture that besets much of America. Even our neighborhood arguments, such as Whole Foods or the Casey Overpass, demonstrate a wide variety of philosophies at work.

Census numbers show that JP is becoming less diverse in terms of race, income and age. We can only hope that the neighborhood’s diverse friendships endure.

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