Grocery trucks park illegally in bus stops

Two local grocery stores have been caught with food trucks parked illegally in MBTA bus stops while making deliveries.

John Rowse, who lives on Paul Gore Street, took pictures on July 13 and 20 of food trucks parked illegally in the MBTA bus stop in front of Whole Foods at 413 Centre St. during deliveries. The trucks were parked facing into oncoming traffic.

“The trucks park there regularly, usually in the early morning,” said Rowse in an email to the Gazette. “I emailed Whole Foods. They said they would deal with it. Shortly after that, the trucks were there again.”

A Whole Foods spokesperson did not have immediate comment.

On Aug. 10, the Gazette saw a food truck making a delivery at the Harvest Co-op Market at 57 South St. while illegally parked in a MBTA bus stop.

“The drivers know they are not supposed to do that,” said Chris Durkin, spokesperson for Harvest Co-op.

He said he will contact the company of the food trucks.

John Ruch contributed to this article.

A food truck parked illegally while making a delivery at Whole Foods in July. (Photo by John Rowse)

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