Letter: Same Old Place owner will be missed

Fred Ciampa made many wonderful memories for my children. (“Fred Ciampa, owner of Same Old Place, dies,” Aug. 3.) We had pizza night when we could, when Mom needed a break from preparing meals, and when we all needed a treat. What a sweet event it was, marching down Centre Street to the Same Old Place and getting a large cheese pizza with extra cheese and a small pepperoni, and sitting down to eat there. No cleanup, and everyone ate as much as they wanted.

My daughter’s seventh birthday included her, her brother and six of her friends having pizza at Same Old after an afternoon swim at a pond in another town, and before an overnight for the whole crew at our house close by. Fred let me come in early to put up balloons and let me reserve a space in the back there, 25 years ago.

Fred was always smiling and hardworking and gracious to us. He built an institution at Same Old Place for everyone in Jamaica Plain. He was wise enough, too, to hire some excellent workers who were trained well by him to be gracious and friendly and excellent pizza-makers. Fred will be sorely missed.

My thoughts are with his family.

Claire Laton-Taylor

Jamaica Plain

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