VA garage work annoys neighbors

S. HUNTINGTON—Weekend and early-morning construction work on the new Veterans Affairs hospital garage at 150 S. Huntington Ave. is annoying neighbors.

The VA has set a 7 a.m. weekday start time, but some weekend work is unavoidable, according to spokesperson Diane Keefe.

“We are doing our best to limit weekend work,” she said. “We have addressed complaints with the individual neighbors who have called.”

Jay Zoldak, who lives at 25 Kenney St. right next to the construction site, said that the repeated Saturday work has been annoying. He also said that he was woken up at 5:15 a.m. on Aug. 8, a weekday, by workers moving heavy equipment around the site.

Early-morning and weekend construction would violate City of Boston code, but City rules don’t apply to federal property, according to Inspectional Services Department spokesperson Lisa Timberlake.

Keefe said that weekend work has been necessary due to such issues as rerouting underground cables that cannot be turned off during regular business hours due to the impact on patient care. Zoldak said a construction manager also told him that workers have found more rock to excavate than expected, which may be impacting the project’s schedule.

Work on the five-story, 500-space garage began in April and is expected to last until next spring.

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