Warren meets with Latino leaders

PARKSIDE—Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, met privately with Latino community leaders at the home of longtime Jamaica Plain activist Jaime Rodriguez in April.

“I really like her,” said Rodriguez, who invited Warren to meet with various leaders at his Montebello Road home. “People are really happy with her.”

“They discussed a broad range of topics, from immigration reform to creating opportunities for all Americans to have a fair shot at success,” said Warren campaign spokesperson Alethea Harney. “Elizabeth is committed to continuing her outreach to the Latino community and is working hard to earn every vote.”

Warren faces Republican incumbent Scott Brown on the Nov. 6 ballot. She has campaigned publicly in JP several times.

Rodriguez’s various activist efforts include serving as president of the Puerto Rican Veterans Monument Square Association (PRVMSA). That group recently met with Brown in JP to muster support for a Puerto Rican veterans monument in the South End. Rodriguez said that Warren has not been invited to PRVMSA events because it is focused on gathering support from current elected officials. But, he said, the veterans monument was among the topics discussed in the meeting with Warren.

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