Some JP residents missing ballot booklets

By Peter Shanley and John Ruch

Some Jamaica Plain residents have not received the state booklet that details the three binding questions that will appear on the ballot tomorrow.

A woman, who wished not to be named, called the Gazette to say that many residents at the 147-unit Forbes Building at 545 Centre St. did not receive the booklet.

She said originally no one received the booklet at the building. But she talked with the Secretary of State’s Office, which eventually dropped off 42 booklets at the building.

Brian McNiff, spokesperson at the Secretary of State’s Office, did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

The booklet was also not received on at least part of St. Rose Street and part of Centre Street in Canary Square. But the Gazette did receive one at its P.O. Box.

All of the questions on the Nov. 6 ballot have language that is complicated and controversial.

Question 1 concerns automobile manufacturers being required to provide diagnostics to consumers and repair shops. But legislation recently was passed and then signed by Gov. Deval Patrick that requires automobile manufacturers to do just that. The question, though, will be on the ballot, and one advocacy group is still urging residents to vote yes.

Question 2, if approved, would allow terminally ill patients who have been given six months or less to live the ability to obtain lethal drugs to commit suicide.

Voting yes on Question 3 would legalize medical marijuana.

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