Letter: Gazette failed to report real S. Huntington news

You and your reporters have failed to report the news. The editorial “JPNC chair should resign” (jamaicaplaingazette.com, Nov. 1) and article “Developers’ donations stir debate; JPNC chair’s role questioned” (jamaicaplaingazette.com, Oct. 31) contain misleading statements, and do not focus on what is truly newsworthy: 1) despite nearly total opposition to luxury condo developments at both 161 and 105A S. Huntington by Jamaica Plain residents in public meetings, the scope of both developments remain essentially unchanged, and the process to approve them continues unabated; and 2) nearly $10,000 in campaign donations from the 161 developers and the developers’ lawyers to Mayor Menino occurred within a month of the project’s Oct. 18 review.

Instead of focusing on this simple fact which is of the utmost importance to both abutters and our neighborhood as a whole, your paper is a controversy-mill that focuses on everything but. I’m appalled at this grammatically true but entirely misleading statement: “Kemeny’s project has been the target of intense local opposition. Community feedback for ‘The Serenity’ at 105A S. Huntington Ave. has been more favorable, though not unanimous.” You paint a picture of nearly unanimous favorability for 105A, when in fact the JP response has been nearly unanimous opposition.

Ben Mauer

Jamaica Plain

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