BRA to present draft ‘corridor plan’

The Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) will host a community meeting to present a first draft for a S. Huntington Avenue “corridor plan” by the end of the month, BRA spokesperson Melina Schuler told the Gazette.

“A great team of planners and designers have been selected,” she said. “We’re confident that we’ll be able to meet that deadline.”

The “corridor plan” will outline parameters for population density, neighborhood retail and transportation for the area. The BRA uses formal Master Plans in many contexts throughout the city, but this “lowercase master plan” is being created especially for the S. Huntington area because of high community demand following the announcements of two 200-unit housing developments at 105A and 161 South Huntington Ave. this spring.

A “draft scope,” or first draft, of a proposed corridor plan will likely be presented to the community the last week of this month, following BRA development.

A working schedule has been drafted for the plan, Schuler said, which is projected to take a little over six months to finalize.

The BRA’s team includes Michael Cannizzo, senior architect and urban designer; Jim Fitzgerald, senior manager of transportation and infrastructure projects; Ted Schwartzberg, planner; and Marie Mercurio, senior planner.

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