English High to get new field

The English High School at 144 McBride St. is slated to receive a new turf field that will be ready for the fall 2013 sport season, according to Boston Parks and Recreation Department spokesperson Jacque Goddard.

The field, which is used for football, baseball and soccer games, is in such bad shape the school could not use it for the fall sport season.

“The current artificial turf field at English High School has reached the end of its useful life,” Goddard said about the field that was installed in 1999.

The current field is artificial turf and will be replaced with a similar turf, according to Goddard. The new turf uses a “crumb rubber system” that allows the fibers of the turf to stand up like blades of grass and to allow for shock absorption.

“It helps should someone fall down and it also absorbs some of the energy if perhaps a fly ball comes down to the ground,” said Goddard.

The department has held two community meetings regarding the project. Early questions about the project were about where the English teams would play. Goddard said accommodations have been made at various other sites for all teams that would normally use the English High School field area.

English High Athletic Director Barry Robinson said the field issues did not affect the fall teams at all as they all found suitable sites to play at throughout the city, such as White Stadium at Franklin Park.

“It worked out great,” he said. “We didn’t let it bother us.”

He added, “These kids are happy just to compete.”

Robinson said he does not know how the field issue will impact the baseball team as the schedule has not been released.

Goddard said an issue still remains about how much natural clay area will be part of the redesign of the baseball field section.

The approximately $1.5 million project is expected to begin construction in spring 2013.


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