Letter: A few Casey Arborway questions

A few questions about the proposed elimination of the Casey Overpass:

Why is a group of bicyclists passing through our community given priority over long-term, politically active and concerned residents living with the threat of this disastrous plan?

Why does the Department of Transportation cloak their preference for the cheap solution over the promised, planned replacement project? Do they think we can’t connect the dots?

Do they think their proclamation that the decision is done and over dissuades a neighborhood that was told the same thing about Interstate 95 bisecting Jamaica Plain, the morgue moving to the State Lab, or the trolley track returning gridlock to Centre Street?

Is it in Jamaica Plain’s best interest to do the wrong thing under threat of getting nothing? Why can’t we push for the best solution: Keep tailpipes and traffic on a bridge, not a six-lane highway scarring our community!

Jonathan Baker

Jamaica Plain

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  1. November 23, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    Hi Jonathan,

    Were you present at any of the meetings leading up to the decision? Have you talked to anyone outside the Bridging Forest Hills people? There was a long process that led to the decision for an at-grade solution, and it included listening to motorists, residents, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Most of our local neighborhood is in favor of the at-grade solution. If you wanted to speak out against the decision, you should have participated in the meetings that preceded it. At this point, we need to move forward toward design and construction of a solution, because the current bridge really needs to come down.

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