Menino, others mum on mayor’s race

As Will Dorcena gears up his 2013 mayoral campaign, incumbent Thomas Menino and other possible contenders—including Jamaica Plain’s City Councilor Felix Arroyo—are not definitively saying “yes” or “no” to a run.

Asked whether Menino intends to run for re-election, spokesperson Dot Joyce noted that she cannot answer campaign-related questions due to ethics laws. But she did offer a comment.

“The mayor is focused on being mayor of the city and making good decisions for the people of Boston, and right now he’s focused on getting better,” Joyce said, referring to Menino’s ongoing hospitalization for an ailment. “That’s all I’m going to say about that.”

Asked who can answer Menino’s campaign-related questions, she said, “Nobody at this point” and called the question “premature.” When the Gazette noted that makes it impossible to officially ask whether the mayor is running for re-election, Joyce said, “The answer is the answer I just gave you.”

Arroyo has drawn high vote totals in his two City Council elections and often has his name floated as among potential mayoral candidates. He made it clear to the Gazette that he is not running at the moment, but also did not say “never.”

“I really love my job and I’m really focused on it. I want to be a city councilor right now,” Arroyo said.

Asked if anything might happen to change his mind, Arroyo said, “This city has a mayor. He was elected by the residents. We hope he gets better soon and gets out and about.”

Another frequently floated name is City Councilor John Connolly, who has sparred with the Menino administration over Boston Public Schools. His campaign did not have immediate comment on his electoral plans.

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