City still working on community center MOU

The Boston Centers for Youth & Families (BCYF) anticipates having a rough draft memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the City and community centers come next year. BCYF had hoped to have the document ready in the fall.

A MOU is a document formally describing a relationship.

“We’re pushing rolling out something to the local councils to look at to early next year,” said BCYF spokesperson Sandy Holden in an email to the Gazette.

She said the document is undergoing a review by the City’s legal department.

The issue of an agreement between the City and community centers arose after the Hennigan Community Center (HCC) bumped up rates last year, as the Gazette reported in April. It was unclear at the time whether the City or community centers had the authority to raise rates. The Gazette reported later that the community centers do in fact have that authority.

The partnership is currently governed by a 1974 “Plan of Operations” document. Kerry Costello, chair of the Jamaica Plain Community Centers, which oversees HCC, expressed concern over the summer that the community centers were not involved in drafting the MOU to replace that document.

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