Park group seeks to fix historic wall

FOREST HILLS—The Arboretum Park Conservancy (APC), a nonprofit friends group for Arnold Arboretum, has applied for a City of Boston grant to continue repairs of historic stone walls along South Street.

But first, the APC had to patch up its paperwork. The nonprofit had neglected to file four years of annual reports with the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s Office, which revoked its corporate status as a result last June. APC president Nina Brown said she was unaware of the situation until the Gazette told her about it last month, and the APC promptly filed the reports.

Over the past several years, the APC has secured grants to fund repairs to the century-old stone walls along the Arboretum’s South Street perimeter. The new grant aims to repair another 1,000 feet of wall, Brown said.

The APC and the Arboretum also teamed up to remove vines and trees from the walls about two months ago, Brown said. That work was in response to concerns from resident Richard Heath, who requested the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council (JPNC) to investigate. Brown and Arboretum Director Ned Friedman appeared at the JPNC’s December meeting, but the work was done by then, so they just spoke about recent Arboretum programs.

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