Massive snowstorm freezes JP

Jamaica Plain awoke this morning to more than 21 inches of snow on the ground after a massive blizzard with winds up to 45 m.p.h. hit the neighborhood yesterday afternoon and overnight.

Cars were entombed, most businesses remained closed, and everything was coated in a white glaze of wind-sprayed ice and flakes. The winds caused the snow to drift much deeper than 21 inches in many places. According to the National Weather Service, a weather spotter in Jamaica Plain reported an unofficial snowfall total in the neighborhood of 25.5 inches. Either way, it is one of the largest snowfalls ever recorded in Boston.

With a state road travel ban in effect for most of the day, few cars were on the streets except for snowplows and emergency vehicles. Pedestrians walked down JP’s snowy, desolate roadways. Sledders, skiers and snowshoers abounded.

Guys with shovels were getting $50 to clean a short stretch of sidewalk on Perkins Street. The Hyde Square 7-Eleven was a favorite break-time hangout for snowplow drivers and police officers.

The state road travel ban ends at 4 p.m. today, but no one should drive unless absolutely necessary. Many roads remain hazardous and the cleanup is still under way. The City of Boston’s parking ban on major roads remains in effect until further notice. For a full list, see All MBTA public transit service remains halted today.

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