New members selected for JPNC

Five new interim members have been selected to serve on the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council (JPNC) until full elections take place this summer.

Personal chef and small business owner Jen Rogers was selected by sitting JPNC members as the new Area A representative at the Jan. 29 meeting held at the Julia Martin House at 90 Bickford St. Area A covers roughly the northern part of JP, including the Hyde/Jackson Square and Egleston Square neighborhoods.

“I want to be involved in the community and I want the community to influence my life as well,” she said at the meeting.

College student Ayan Hassan was chosen as one of the new Area B representatives, along with local food activist Jamie Lionette. Area B roughly covers the eastern side of JP south of Egleston Square.

While she has no previous community activism experience, Hassan said “as a young person, I would love to have a voice in the community.”

Lionette is known for his now-closed Lionette’s Market in the South End and for being involved in the Whole Foods debate last year.

Dana Gonsalves, the live-in property manager at Pine Street Inn’s 35 Creighton St. location, was named the new representative for Area C. Area C encompasses the area west of Centre and South streets as well as the Forest Hills and Woodbourne neighborhoods.

Pine Street Inn provides housing for formerly homeless individuals.

Natalie VanLandingham was chosen as a new at-large representative. She is the director of the Tony Williams Dance Center in the Brewery Complex at 284 Amory St. She said at the meeting she has only lived in JP for a year-and-a-half, but has worked here for five years.

Openings on the council must be announced at least one month before candidates can put their names forward. One more new vacancy, for Area C, was announced at the meeting. That vacancy is expected to be filled in March.

JPNC elections are scheduled for this summer, where community members will vote for five area representatives and five at-large representatives. The council has 20 seats in total.

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