Letter: Time for JP to work together on Casey Arborway plan

The decision to adopt and develop the Casey Arborway “at-grade” design was made by MassDOT a year ago (March 8, 2012). Since then, there have been at least four public meetings as well as a number of advisory group and other meetings regarding its implementation. The focus of these meetings was informational and included solicitation of public feedback.

Unfortunately, there is a very vocal and inflexible contingent unwilling to accept the decision to move forward with the “at-grade” design. As a result, a number of people no longer attend these important public meetings. They feel that these meetings have been hijacked by the pro-bridge group and that the focus is not on working together towards making this the best possible “at-grade” design. Instead, the focus is far too often on rehashing why they feel the bridge option should have been chosen.

We, as a community, have an important opportunity—that we cannot afford to squander—to re-knit elements of Jamaica Plain that have been separated for far too long. As responsible citizens, we need to work together with MassDOT, other governmental agencies and elected officials to effect the best possible outcome.

Sam Sherwood

Jamaica Plain

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