Buses still parking in illegal former stop

(Gazette Photo by John Ruch) An MBTA bus parks in the former stop on South Street on March 12.

(Gazette Photo by John Ruch) An MBTA bus parks in the former stop on South Street on March 12.

MONUMENT SQ.—MBTA buses are still frequently parking in a former Monument Square bus stop that was shut down four months ago due to its illegal location and dangers to drivers and pedestrians.

The practice continues despite repeated warnings from MBTA management.

“Old habits die hard, but we are working diligently to remind [bus] operators of the change,” said MBTA spokesperson Joe Pesaturo last month.

The former stop is on South Street in the middle of the busy Monument Square intersection, in front of the Loring-Greenough House lawn. The area covers two crosswalks, which left buses illegally stopping them. The buses also blocked some drivers’ views of traffic lights, and prevented drivers and crossing pedestrians from seeing each other in an intersection notorious for red-light-running.

After complaints from elected officials, the MBTA Transit Police and the Gazette, the MBTA last November relocated the stop farther down South Street in front of Curtis Hall. But some bus drivers have continued to use the stop, especially for parking during breaks, causing the same safety issues.

The MBTA installed signs announcing the bus stop relocation. In addition, Pesaturo said, area bus drivers got informational flyers, dispatchers make periodic radio announcements, and inspectors visit the site.

The Gazette sent the MBTA a photo of a bus parked in the former stop on Feb. 19, and Pesaturo said management spoke to its driver. The Gazette has spotted buses parking there a few times since then, most recently on March 12.

The former stop is sometimes also used as a parking space by drivers of other large or official vehicles, including ambulances, police cars and snowplows.

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