Letter: April cleanup one of many ways to tackle JP litter

As co-organizers of the annual Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Cleanup (April 27will be our 28th year), Michael Reiskind and I were somewhat chagrined, but in complete agreement, with the observations which Sara Driscoll and Judy Kolligian expressed in their anti-litter letter to the editor of Feb. 22. We were most persuaded by the public safety implications supported by the clean streets and property vision to which they alluded. As any street-smart police officer will attest, clean neighborhoods are safe neighborhoods. Those who would disrupt our peaceful existence with rude and antisocial behavior or assaultive and felonious actions have a sixth sense about what is intolerable to the populace, and they will be dissuaded from lawlessness by law and order. Clean and orderly surroundings speak loudly that the occupiers care about their environment and welfare, watch over it and will preserve and protect it.

There are a number of business association leaders who have come together to encourage and support their memberships to make the business district of Jamaica Plain shine by planning strategies to clean sidewalks and storefronts and keep them clean. Their success will benefit us all and the cleanliness and appeal of their places of business will foster their own success especially.

Another goal, which Michael and I are pursuing, is to establish a second (autumn) JP annual cleanup. We would then have a cleanup to wake up the Earth to spring and summer and one to celebrate the harvest and put it to bed for the fall and winter.

But we could start immediately on a voluntary, Sara-and-Judy-inspired, litter pickup. Just one piece of litter picked up by each person would clean the street in a hurry.

We hope that Sara, Judy and all other interested neighbors and friends will join us for the 28th annual Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Cleanup on April 27. For further information contact Julieanne Doherty, Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services, 617-635-3485; Michael Reiskind, 617-522-1150; or Bob McDonnell, 617-522-7506. Stand up and be counted to make JP a cleaner, safer place to live.

Bob McDonnell

Jamaica Plain

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