New ice cream store coming to Centre St.

FoMu, an Allston gourmet vegan ice cream store and café, is expanding to 671 Centre St. on April 16.

The non-dairy ice cream is tailored to special diets that cannot accommodate dairy, and people who prefer Thai chili peanut ice cream to vanilla.

“We use alternative bases and flavors to fill that niche that ice cream can’t fill. Our focus is creating ice cream that is small batch and that addresses the need for unique flavors and options for non-traditional dairy,” co-owner Denna Jalal told the Gazette.

FoMu, named after a play on “faux-moo”—meaning fake milk—is mostly based on coconut milk, a base that is safe for most people allergic to nuts and preferred by those who do not eat dairy.

“We call it alternative ice cream. It’s not what it isn’t. It is what it is,” Jalal said.

FoMu’s flavors change frequently, Jalal said, but her current favorites are rocky road made with Taza chocolate and “artisanal marshmallows”, and caramel samoa, based on the Girl Scouts cookie. Taza Chocolate is a Somerville-based chocolate factory.

As for the expected opening day, Jalal said the store is ready to open and that she is only waiting on the City and its permitting process.

“We’re super psyched to be in JP,” she added.

FoMu has a website at

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