Local anti-war activist aided bomb victims

Carlos Arredondo, a famous anti-war activist known for his strong ties to Jamaica Plain, aided victims of yesterday’s Boston Marathon bombing and is seen in some of the most dramatic news photos of the event.

An Associated Press photo showed Arredondo aiding a man whose legs had been blown off, apparently pinching shut the exposed blood vessels. A Boston Globe photo showed Arredondo, still clutching a small American flag, stamping down fencing to allow rescuers to reach the victims.

Arredondo was not immediately available for an interview.

The Roslindale resident is a nationally known activist who has a mobile anti-war display that he frequently exhibits in JP’s Monument Square as well as other sites around the country. The JP post office recently was dedicated to his his son Alexander, a former JP resident and Marine who was killed in action in the Iraq War. Arredondo and his wife Mélida also created a well-known memorial in Monument Square late last year to the victims of the Newtown school shooting and Boston’s own victims of violence. Carlos Arredondo also was known for his involvement in the Occupy Boston protest.

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