Men’s boutique opens on Centre St.

JP CENTER—A new men’s clothing and accessory boutique opened at 606 Centre St. early last month.

Caramelo Clothing Company, named after the Spanish word for caramel, offers designer clothing, accessories and body care products, many of which are created in Massachusetts.

“Caramels are sweet, warm and delicious and the good ones stick with you for a long time. That’s the impression we’re hoping to make with the store,” owner Carolina Tejedor Meyers told the Gazette last week.

Caramelo offers colorful and trendy casual men’s clothing and accessories that generally include tighter fits and edgier, European styles.

Meyers said she wanted to focus on men’s apparel because women and children have so many choices for creative clothing, while she felt men often get stuck with navy and gray options.

“Men’s fashion has been evolving, hot pink pants, wonderful ties,” she said. “We want to contribute to the beauty of men in the area. People thank us for bringing color and different styles.”

Caramelo offers accessories and body care products like shaving creams and soaps and even badger-hair shaving brushes.

“We hand-picked everything. We love everything we have,” Meyers said.

Meyers is a JP resident and is happy to open her shop in the neighborhood.

“I want my children to grow up in a beautiful, vibrant neighborhood and I want to contribute to that,” she said. “We’re a small boutique. We’re doing this out of passion and love.”

Caramelo can be reached at and 617-942-8127.

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