Casey potholes cause flat tires

Several large potholes opened up on the aging Casey Overpass on July 27, causing damage to passing cars. The potholes were fixed the same day.

In at least one area, the potholes were large enough that the wire mesh that supports the bridge’s surface was exposed, according to state Department of Transportation (MassDOT) spokesperson Michael Verseckes.

According to Twitter user @Ris2000, three cars suffered flat tires as a result.

“The Casey Overpass’s deck requires frequent maintenance. In fact, it is not uncommon for MassDOT maintenance crews to return to the bridge for patching several times in a given month,” Verseckes said. “The entire roadway surface on the bridge is in fair to poor condition, so patching is becoming more and more of a routine exercise.”

The Casey Overpass is slated for demolition starting early next year as part of a plan to replace it with a new at-grade street network by September 2016.

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