Martha Eliot transfers adult patients, increases services

The transition of adult patients from Martha Eliot Health Center (MEHC) to other facilities was completed on July 1, as was scheduled, according to Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) spokesperson Rob Graham. MEHC has also added pediatric providers and mental health services.

Graham said MEHC, which is operated by BCH, is continuing to provide mental health services to a “small number” of adult patients, while it works with them to find a new provider.

BCH announced in January that it was ending service for about 5,000 adult patients at MEHC, which is located at 75 Bickford St. in Jackson Square. Adult service was provided in partnership with Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH), which was not consulted about the decision. There was significant community opposition to the decision.

Graham said the majority of adult patients were moved to local practices or community health centers, including Dimock Community Health Center and BWH’s Primary Care Associates, South Huntington. He said during July and August, MEHC received around two to three calls or walk-ins per week with adults inquiring about service. MEHC personnel worked with those adults to find a facility to accommodate them.

MEHC added pediatric providers in July and will additional providers in the fall, according to Graham. He said that the facility has also increased its mental health capacity, which has eliminated the pediatric waitlist for those services.

MEHC will hold its annual pediatric health fair on Sept. 21. The fair will have health screenings, dance performances and other presentations and is open to community, according to Graham.

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