Local author’s 2nd vampire novel released

The second book in a series of Boston-based vampire novels came out in July, written by Uzuri Wilkerson, one of the managers of Harvest Co-Op Market’s South Street location in Jamaica Plain.

The novel is titled “Sour,” which plays off the name of the first book, “Sweet.” It continues to follow the protagonist Celia and her relationship with vampire boyfriend Victor, according to Wilkerson.      She said “Sour” took about a year to write.

“It’s hard,” said Wilkerson about finding time to write, as she also works as a school secretary. “It is a lot of work. But I like it.”

She said she enjoys traveling to promote the book because she meets new people, including other writers, who she talks with about the trade.

Wilkerson said that “Sour” takes place throughout Boston, including downtown and in Dorchester. There are no settings in Jamaica Plain, but one of the vampires does work at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in the nearby Longwood Medical Area.

The novel delves into the relationship of Celia and Victor. Celia acquires “abilities” to look into the minds of vampires after having to drink Victor’s blood to break a connection with another vampire, said Wilkerson. Celia is able to see into Victor’s mind and that causes drama to unfold, according to Wilkerson.

Wilkerson expects to write three more novels in the series, which is called “Bitten.” She said she writes every day and sometimes writes general fiction short stories to take her mind off the series.

“Sour” is published by Boston-based Aziza Publishing and is available at independent and online bookstores. For more information, see uzurimwilkerson.com.

The cover of "Sour." (Courtesy Image)

The cover of “Sour.” (Courtesy Image)

"Sour" author Uzuri Wilkerson. (Courtesy Photo)

“Sour” author Uzuri Wilkerson. (Courtesy Photo)

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