Editorial: JPNC involvement

It is our duty to encourage JP residents to vote in the Oct. 19 Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council election. But we recognize that enthusiasm will be hard to muster for a noncompetitive election whose results are essentially already known.

So we also will encourage residents to seek appointment to fill the JPNC’s eight empty seats after the election.

This is a trying time for the JPNC, a JP-wide neighborhood association, which is to say an exciting time. It is embroiled in a lawsuit that is questioning its very nature and role. Is it a civic group or a governmental body? A public forum or an activist association? All of the above?

The incoming council includes a mix of determined incumbents and the return of some members from its early days, including original member Bernie Doherty. That is sure to reinvigorate the council and inform its debates.

Exciting times in a neighborhood group are not for everyone. But for those who do enjoy shaping and defining a community voice, this is an excellent opportunity. The JPNC remains an influential force in City zoning and licensing processes, and we hope more residents will join in forging its future.

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