Editorial: Vote Nov. 5

Boston holds its biggest election in decades on Tues., Nov. 5. We urge you not only to vote, but also to take this grand opportunity to ask questions and make demands. Elected officials, current and hopeful, rarely will be more likely to really listen.

John Connolly and Marty Walsh both present strong arguments for their mayoral candidacies. One of those men almost immediately will reshape the city’s public schools, police department and real estate planning. These will be monumental, long-lasting decisions, and if history is any guide, the winner will be in office for at least a decade. Voters must weigh in on these crucial changes.

The City Council also will see major reshuffling in its membership, including the loss of Jamaica Plain’s Felix G. Arroyo after his failed mayoral candidacy. And JP has district City Council races, too.

City government is not all-powerful, but it has a direct impact on just about every aspect of life, from real estate prices to street conditions to what kinds of businesses open and close. We can’t promise anything about how these candidates will respond to concerns six months from now, but right now, we guarantee they’ll go far to curry your favor. Seize the moment and then cast your vote.

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