Editorial: Thanks to Connolly

We owe thanks to John Connolly for his mayoral campaign. While unsuccessful, his bold campaign helped to shape the race and, ultimately, the City’s future direction.

Connolly was the first incumbent elected official to enter the race at a time when it was assumed Mayor Thomas Menino would stand for re-election. That took real courage. It also took personal sacrifice for him and wife Meg, parents of three young children, one born during the campaign.

Connolly rightly made education a prime focus, as well as the larger issue of secrecy and lack of input in City decision-making.

Connolly was a passionate, intelligent, worthy candidate for the Mayor’s Office. We thank him and urge him to remain engaged in JP and Boston.

1 comment for “Editorial: Thanks to Connolly

  1. FrancisMcManus
    November 8, 2013 at 5:24 am

    John ran a good campaign and he lost. I would be inappropriate for Marty Walsh to ask him to be the new superintendent as many of Marty’s supporters chose Marty because of John’s ideas about how to improve our schools.

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